Buildings from Walmart Realty

Walmart Realty has quietly become a major player in retail real estate as a result of its increasing success in converting former stores to new uses. The division's number of vacant stores and amount of vacant square footage are on the decline, despite Walmart's continued expansion. Walmart recognizes how important these efforts are to communities and to the company's ability to grow and serve customers. The realty division works hard to find a tenant that best suits the needs of the community. Start with the sound infrastructure of an existing Walmart or Sam's Club, buy or lease the building, subdivide or not-you'll always have proven high-traffic locations.

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The information contained herein is provided as a courtesy only and is not offered with representation or warranty as to the financial or physical condition of the property. All properties are offered "as is" and interested parties must satisfy themselves that the financial and physical condition of the property is satisfactory for intended uses. Offers, letters of intent, and negotiations regarding terms and conditions pertaining to specific properties are non-binding upon Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., its affiliates, employees or agents, and are subject to change. Furthermore, all Agreements are subject to Walmart Realty Committee Approval, and the execution by said parties of mutually acceptable documents thereafter.