Walmart’s Jobs and Opportunity Zones
At Walmart, we are committed to creating opportunity beyond the walls of our stores and Clubs. The Jobs and Opportunity Zones (JOZ) program is about making unique contributions to the local community by offering an even greater economic boost to the people and the neighborhoods that need Walmart the most. This effort is an extension of the company’s dedication to associates, the communities we serve, and to the millions of working families who rely on us every day to save them money, so they can live better. Each Zone will encompass a Walmart store and a host of local businesses and suppliers with which Walmart will work to increase job creation and economic opportunity in surrounding neighborhoods. As part of the program, Walmart will partner with local chambers of commerce, business groups, minority chambers of commerce and minority and women-owned businesses within these zones. These new stores are also expected to create thousands of jobs, many of which will be in economically disadvantaged areas.

Specifically, Walmart will:
• Offer “How to Do Business with Walmart” sessions to area businesses, including minority and women-owned business owners, on how to become Walmart suppliers.
• Partner with local chambers of commerce, including many minority chambers, in the 10 Zones and work with these chambers to identify and invest in opportunities that will impact small business owners and their employees in the surrounding neighborhoods the most.

Walmart stores in 10 cities will serve as hubs for each of the Zones. These include:

Chicago: The JOZ program was launched at the former manufacturing plant on the West Side of Chicago in April 2006. The Walmart Supercenter in the city of Chicago opened in September 2006.

• Portsmouth, Virginia: In January 2007, a new Walmart Supercenter opened in this community’s Mid-Town area. City officials have pursued economic investment in this area for years.

• Landover Hills, Maryland:
Walmart opened its first store inside the Washington, D.C., beltway in March 2007 at the former Capital Plaza Shopping Center in Prince George’s County.

• Richmond, California: A former department store location was transformed into a new Walmart store in April 2007 at the Hilltop Mall in this Bay Area community.

• Sanger, California: A new Walmart Supercenter opened in June 2007 at the site of a vacant commercial building in this community just outside of Fresno.

• El Mirage, Arizona: In this community near Luke Air Force Base, Walmart opened a new Supercenter in July 2007 in an area that local officials have long targeted for economic investment.

• Cleveland: A new Walmart Supercenter opened at the site of a former steelyard on October 2007. The new development, which includes other retailers, will be called Steelyard Commons.

• Indianapolis: A new Walmart Supercenter opened on January 23, 2008 in the city’s Lafayette Square area. The neighborhood has lost several retailers over the years, but is now being redeveloped. Much of the revitalization is due to the efforts of the citizen-led Lafayette Square Area Coalition.

• Decatur, Georgia:
The site of the former Avondale Mall is home to a new Walmart Supercenter in this community just outside Atlanta. The store opened March 07, 2008.

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