In-Store Vending Information Sheet

Submit the completed form below and mail the required documentation to initiate an In-Store Vending request.
(Legal name of Company that would appear on a lease)
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Please attach the following documents in an e-mail addressed to

  1. 2 Years Audited Financials/Income Tax Returns
  2. Local/National Organization Membership
  3. Business Proposal Including Performance Modeling

Nothing in this letter constitutes an offer to lease space, nor does this letter constitute an acceptance by Walmart Stores US, or any of its affiliates of any offer to lease. This letter is not a lease or agreement; it is merely notification of available space for which you may be able to negotiate a lease with Walmart or one of its affiliates. If the parties enter into a lease agreement, only the terms and conditions of that agreement will govern the lease.

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The information contained herein is provided as a courtesy only and is not offered with representation or warranty as to the financial or physical condition of the property. All properties are offered "as is" and interested parties must satisfy themselves that the financial and physical condition of the property is satisfactory for intended uses. Offers, letters of intent, and negotiations regarding terms and conditions pertaining to specific properties are non-binding upon Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., its affiliates, employees or agents, and are subject to change. Furthermore, all Agreements are subject to Walmart Realty Committee Approval, and the execution by said parties of mutually acceptable documents thereafter.